President's Corner

July 16, 2014

Transport Workers Union Local 250-A Brothers and Sisters,

The tentative agreement has been ratified by you, the membership. Your prayers, patience and support provided the Executive Board the ability and passion to negotiate a contract that the membership can live with for the next three years. While our expectations were to secure more for our members and their families, the landscape which we were faced with, was rough and inflexible, these factors played a major role in the outcome of the agreements presented to you, for ratification.

You should know that the Executive Board took all of your concerns into account as we went into battle. Words cannot adequately convey the sweat and tears that went into achieving the package presented to you, the membership. The difficulty of negotiating an acceptable contract with minimal gains continues to escalate, as management places less value on labor, safety, working conditions and benefits. Public employee unions are finding less leverage, due to the unfair constraints placed on employees, which have effectively placed handcuffs on labor through the passage of ballot measures. Our preparation for the next round must begin immediately. Solidarity, Strategy and Strength will galvanize the membership through the toughest of times.

Once again, I along with the Executive Board thank you for your support.

United we stand,

Eric Williams, 
Transport Workers Union Local 250-A