President's Corner

August 27, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is experiencing a shortage in Transit Operator Staffing (upwards of 500 operators short).  As a result, of the SFMTA’s inadequacies in hiring and training practices, it has come to our attention that the Agency is considering making changes to the 9163 Transit Operator Extra Board, which violates the contract. Transport Workers Union Local 250-A is taking the necessary steps to protect the rights of the membership in all areas pertaining to this issue.

A shortage in Transit Operators means that you may be missing a leader or two; therefore, the vehicles operated by our members may be very crowded. Work smart to provide SAFE transit service to the riding public. Do not make hasty decisions that may result in injuries or accidents. Follow your training and adhere to the rules and regulations of the road.  Obey all traffic signage and signals.

It is the Agency’s responsibility to fill 9163 Transit Operator positions. It is your responsibility to provide SAFE transit service to the riding public. In other words, you are not responsible for missing headways and/or service. Do not attempt to fill the void of inadequate staffing by speeding up, operating ahead of schedule (without orders) or not taking a personal necessity (702) when needed. Your Union aspires for the 9163 Transit Operator Membership to Think SAFE, Be SAFE and Deliver SAFE Service.

Transport Workers Union Local 250-A wants you to know, above all, SAFETY IS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY. Take your time and do not put yourself in dangerous situations that may jeopardize your personal SAFETY or the SAFETY of others.

We will keep you informed on this issue as it develops.

In Solidarity,

Eric Williams,