President's Corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters

As the New Year began TWU Executive Board turned a new leaf with several new board members and we would like to formally introduce them all to you.

Anna Branzuela,  Multi-Unit, Communicable Disease Unit, Recording Secretary
Derrick Johnson, Cable Car Div Chairperson
Zhou Ma, Kirkland Div Chairperson
Eva Chau, Flynn Div Secretary
Gee-Sing Jeung, Kirkland Div Vice Chairperson
Teresa King, Kirkland Div Secretary
Mont Hubbard, Potrero Div Secretary 
George Elias, Potrero Div Vice Chairperson
Melody Hall, Green Div Secretary
PJ.Williams, Green Div Vice Chairperson
Arthur Jabbala, Presidio Div Chairperson
Juan Coleman, Presidio Div Vice Chairperson
Charles Richardson, Presidio Div Secretary 
Donna Doyle, Woods Div Vice Chairperson
Lacrecia Logan, Woods Div Secretary

Effective Representation

Coming into a new position can be very challenging especially if you’re learning a new role in your Union involvement.  These individuals have taken this role seriously and we support those who accepted these important and critical positions in our Union.

I ask that you have patience with your new officers as they navigate through new waters.

The Executive Officers are ensuring the new officers are trained and informed on all essential aspects of their positions.  This includes training on labor laws, grievance investigating and writing and attending workshops to insure that you will be properly represent and they can effectively execute that part of being Union representative for you.  It is critical that all Union representatives ensure that all sections of the agreement between TWU Local 250A and Management is adhered. 

Membership Engagement and Participation

Your Union has hit the ground running this year, we are making sure that you are informed of your Union vision and the strategic plans for the future.

In order for your Union to be at its best, it requires you the member to participate and there are several forums for you to voice your opinions, share information and engage.  Participation includes engagement at the Women’s Committee, Education committee or barn meetings and community meetings, submitting the new TWU Miscellaneous/Information form to keep TWU Leadership informed of issues immediately and follow our social media efforts such as the TWU Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We also will increase our social activities for members to get to know each other and to develop the community in your units and in the general membership.

The communities our four departments serve deal with many issues including access to transportation, health services and public education from arts and exhibits and our members are at the frontlines that bring valuable information to help the community access critical services.  We want our members to support our customers and clients by becoming part of the community’s conversation to ensure these issues are highlighted at every level the Union is part.  Collaborating with the many diverse communities of San Francisco results in the community supporting the Union efforts and members.

Effective Communication and Information Sharing

Our website is becoming the “communication” gateway of information for all members and we are consistently posting information to keep you aware of what is happening.  We are in the process of re-designing the site to become more user friendly and interactive to increase the type of information available to our members.  It will become the “go to” place for our members.  

I also would like to put out a call for members’ updated email addresses so we can contact you with bulletins and invites to events throughout the city.

Be a part of the union in real fashion and understand that we all must strive to work as a team. Numbers and participation equals power.

In Solidarity 
Eric Williams, President TWU Local 250-A

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."
Alice Walker